About TruskiLoL

TruskiLoL.com began as a site for selling popular video games at reduced prices. The TruskiLoL store soon grew to offer free downloads for titles produced by TruskiLoL, such as Reaction Tester and The Bog Game.

TruskiLoL's most recent project, Soccer Bars, is the primary focus now. Since the beta release of version 0.1 on September 18th, 2015, Soccer Bars has had 7 updates and is now on its largest release, version 0.8.

For the future, we are hoping to release Soccer Bars for mobile platforms, starting with Android. Also, TruskiLoL is looking to expand to add more team members and create more fun, exciting games. If you want to support TruskiLoL, simply continue playing our games or click the button below to donate. Donators will receive promo codes.

Dan "Truski" Wojtowicz

A competitive gamer at heart, Dan now designs and manages at TruskiLoL while studying Computer Science at Illinois Tech.

This Could Be You
We Are Expanding

If you are talented and passionate about game design, please contact us via the Contact Page.

Derrick "Derrickq" Quiaot
Version 0.7 Champion

Derrickq reigned supreme on the Version 0.7 rankings, ending the season with a high score of 160, 75 more points than his toughest opponent.